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CookiePie an innovative Firefox extension released

Sebastian Wain from Nektra has submitted CookiePie extension to Firefox Extend Contest with great expectations to be one of the finalists, since it is an innovative piece of software and push beyond the standard capabilities of Firefox. Although it doesn’t came finalist he waited for the announcements to release it publicly without publishing it on Internet until now.Mauro Asprea from Nektra has been contributing on improving user experience.

  • What is CookiePie?
    • CookiePie is a firefox extension enabling you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows.
  • How I can obtain and use it?
    • Download it from: CookiePie Extension
    • Use the tab context menu to enable CookiePie
    • For example: Toogle CookiePie in three tabs, and login to different GMail account in both.
  • Where the idea came from?
    • We need to use it internally at Nektra, and finally decide to publish it for the community.
  • What does CookiePie means for the end user?
    • It means that you can for example open multiple GMail/Yahoo Mail/Hotmail accounts in different tabs and windows simulteanously.
  • What does CookiePie means for web developers?
    • Developers working on Web Software supporting multiple users or profiles can use CookiePie to simultaneusly test their software with each user without needing to open a different browser.
  • How CookiePie was made?
    • A first look at the FireFox extensions capabilities let us think this extension was almost impossible to do. One of the limitations was the unconnected parts between http transactions and UI being difficult to correlate an UI to a specific http request/response, more when AJAX/XmlHttpRequest (i.e: GMail) is involved.
    • The work involved mainly short term research and trying to push to the extreme FireFox capabilities without knowing nothing of Mozilla Extensions at the start of development.
  • What are the current known limitations:
    • Gecko 1.8.1 has some implementation errors: FireFox store cookies although our http observer changes the response header. This means the common cookies are changed in the FireFox extensions for every transaction on each tab. More information at: Mozilla Bugzilla
    • The reordering of tabs is breaking GMail account opened tabs.
    • GMail has added after we finish this extension, an alert we hope to repair it so GMail doesn’t know about another connection on another tab or window.
    • User may experience problems with another Firefox extensions (for example Tab Mix Plus)
  • What are the features we would like to have in the future?
    • Listen to users feedback.
    • Complete Cookie commitment to standards/security
    • Compatibility to another extensions.
    • Add configuration options
    • Enable CookiePie by default
    • Cookies inheritance checkbox: If a user opens a new tab/window from a CookiePie tab, the new opened tab can inherit the cookie container.
    • Cookie pipeline handling: Have a configuration like the Firefox option to choose what cookies needs to be individualized and what cookies needs to be used from the firefox container.
    • Persist/Save/Load Tab Cookies
    • Code: better & cleaner.
    • Testing: Test & Fix in complex scenarios.
  • What we suggest for future versions of Firefox?
    • We suggest to have this capability embedded natively on Firefox and not as a third party addin. We know this will involve changing relations between objects in Firefox but it’s an obvious step to do in the browser war.
  • What platforms are supported?
    • Currently it ran fine on Windows and Linux. We need to check why Mac is not supported because this software is standard JS code, not platform dependent.
  1. There is a serious bug on Firefox
    The (x) close button,, will be removed. this forces me to uninstall your extension.
    greetings from Argentina,

  2. Have you tried to change the order of your extensions and putting the close button extension below or above CookiePie?

  3. there is not such an extension. that is the way firefox works.

  4. To use both you can install Tab Mix Plus after CookiePie and you’ll have again the close button.

  5. well i installed cookiepie.. how ever cookie pie doesnt even shows any options or isnt anywehere to be seen apart from the extension tab.. how to use it?
    it says on the extension list) that it is enabled, i tried disabling and enabling it but stil nothing.

    how to make use of this thing, am sure the solution to have two yahoo /gmail account work is to have different cookies in tabs but damm its sitting there and wont do nothin… is it coz of tab mix plus??

  6. Hi Vijay,

    Did you try to enable it right clicking the tab and selecting toogle on/off CookiePie? and do you see a cookiepie inside the tab?

  7. This is a fantastic plugin!!!
    Been wanting something like this for ages. Well Done!!

    There however is a bug of sorts: The tab close button ie: [x] disapears when the plugin is installed. I’m using Firefox Be great if you can fix this, I would love to make use of your plugin.


  8. Nope, Tab Mix Plus doesn’t help with missing tab close button. I installed it while CookiePie was disabled, but then I reinstalled TMP and even toggled this TMP option for close box.

  9. Did you try putting TMP after CookiePie in the extensions order? If not please provide the versions of TMP and Firefox used.

  10. Reproducible under clean Knoppix live CD v. 5.
    CookiePie 0.5.4
    No tab close button in any case, TMP after CookiePie or before.
    But this not a problem, using close button on tabs “on-pointed-for” is ergonomic as well (or even more) and one gets soon used to it.

  11. Not compatible with FireFox 2.0
    Won’t install 🙁

  12. Thanks for releasing this awesome plugin. I was looking for a patch or plugin for this very issue (where i had to log into 2 instances of the same site with sessions, and the session of one would leak into the other) when I came to your site. The plugin works flawlessly using firefox 1.5.08 on gentoo linux AMD64.

  13. To get cookiepie working with firefox 2.0, do this:

    • Right Click the Install Link to download
    • Rename the file with the extension: .zip
    • Unzip the file
    • Open install.rdf in a text editor.
    • Change the line: 1.5.*
    To: 2.0.*
    • Save and close file.
    • Zip (archive) the CONTENTS of the directory
    • Rename the file to have the .xpi extension.
    • Open in Firefox — bingo!

    Also there is CookieSwap, which works by quickly switching between profiles:

  14. Hello,

    I agree with one of the users here: I totally cannot see Cookie Pie when installed. I have Tab Mix Plus; I somewhat understood that it could tamper with tab context menu and hide Cookie Pie menu entries at all. But I am not sure and that’s why I ask: how are we supposed to work with this plugin?

    If you have known issues/conflicts with other plugins, please share them. Here is my setup:

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
    Firefox version:
    Firefox plugins: Adblock, Add N Edit Cookies, Codetch, ColorZilla, CookiePie, CSSViewer, DOM Inspector, Download Statusbar, DownThemAll!, ErrorZilla Mod, FireBug, FireFTP, FlashGot, Gmail Space, Google Toolbar for Firefox, Html Validator (obviously), IE Tab, IE View, jsLib, Live HTTP Headers, NoScript, Nuke Anything Enhanced, Resizeable Textarea, Scrapbook, Screen grab!, SearchStatus, Slim Extension List, Tab Mix Plus, Talkback, Tamper Data, Tweak Network, UrlParams, User Agent Switcher, VideoDownloader, View formatted source, View Source Chart, Web Developer.

  15. Hi,

    Please follow news about a next release of CookiePie subscribing to our mailing list at: CookiePie Mailing List

  16. Who can help me with .httpaccess ?
    where i can fined full information about .httpaccess file syntaxis?

  17. Hy there.

    Nice extension – why don’t you publish this on the official mozilla (firefox) addons page? (

    I’m sure the popularity of the extensions will rapidly increase.

    And I was looking for a extension like yours for months, or maybe even years.

    Grz Chris

  18. Excellent extension. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to support javascript reading of the cookie using document.cookie.

    For example: I have Tab A with Cookiepie turned Off which uses cookie A. I also have a tab with Cookiepie On which uses cookie B. When I use javascript on Tab B to read the cookie, it returns cookie A (the wrong one).

    This is a major issue for us, since we use javascript to pass the cookie when we do an ajax request. This is required for protection against cross-site request forgery when programming ajax methods (referred to as the “double-submit” method of guarding against CSRF).

    Please let me know if you can confirm this bug (I’m using FF on ubuntu linux) and if you will be able to release a new version of your extension to address this.

    Thanks very much,

  19. Lee, CookiePie enables you to have different accounts simultaneously on each tab, doesn’t require to swap between them. If you have three mail accounts you can see all of them on each tab at the same time.

  20. Hi, great extension – I use it for accessing two eBay accounts simultaneously. The Only problem I experiance is when I want to print an invoice from eBay. It opens a new window to display the invoice. Unfortunately, it appears as though the new window doesn’t inherit the CookiePie settings. So it works for the first account, but for the second account (the one with CookiePie enabled) it fails with a non-descript error message from eBay. I guess it just can’t authorise the display…

    I see this mentioned on the to-do list. Just wanted to give it some priority if possible. Many thanks


  21. Hi,

    Great Extension. Simply wonderful. I just wanted to point out a few problems, however.
    1) If I have a tab open with CookiePie turned on, and I rearrange the tabs, such that the ordinal number (the order) of the CookiePie tab changes, the CookiePie settings no longer work. If I move the CookiePie tab itself, the CookiePie icon disappears. If I move/delete other tabs, it remains, but again, if the order changes, the settings are lost. Restoring the order of the CookiePie tab, by adding or moving the tabs (and toggling CookiePie on, if necessary), appears to restore the session. So from what I can see, the CookiePie information is stored based on the ordinal number, and this ordinal number is not updated when tabs are moved or deleted.

    2) I have been unable to determine the exact circumstances under which this occurs, but while trying to log into SquirrelMail, I recieve less than consistent separation of cookie management between CooliePie-enabled and non-CookiePie-enabled sites. If I start with a closed browser and log into two sites, one with CookiePie, and another without, the separation appears to work. However, at some point subsequent to opening the browser, the is separation no longer complete. What do I mean by “no longer complete”? The symptoms are described below:

    a) Tab 1 is logged into SquirrelMail without CookiePie on one email account (e.g. .
    b) Tab 2 is opened, cookie pie is enabled, and an attempt to connect to the logged in (non-CookiePie) session fails (as it should fail). I click the link to go to the login screen.
    c) After logging in with a different account (e.g. to SquirrelMail, I access the first account’s inbox (, even though the login credentials entered were for
    d) It should be noted that subequent log-out log-in process result in the same behavior. Once CookiePie attains this state, the only way to reset it is to close the browser completely and restart it.

    I’m using FF and CookiePie 0.5.5

    Once again, thanks for a great extension.


  22. Doesn’t work with gmail anymore. Used to work up until a week or so ago. Running Firefox and CookipePie 0.5.5. When I try logging in to Gmail, I get a Firefox error page.


    The page isn’t redirecting properly.

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

    CookieSwap still works, but I prefer the CookiePie interface. Alas.

  23. Now is working with Gmail again and now you can chat between different accounts!

    Download new version from Cookiepie 1.0.0

  24. i use FF 3 portable, and have cookiepie the newest version installed, but it does not show up in the context menu.
    what do i do wrong?
    or is it, because i have portable FF 3 ?

  25. It’s not work with add-ons Tab Mix Plus :(.

  26. When I installed the close button on the tab bar disappeared. It reappeared only when I disabled cooKiePie.
    However it did not work. The CookiePie entry did not appear when right clicking on a tab context menu. I’m using WXP, FF3.0

  27. Breaks’s itineraries functionality, both from the home page, and by the “Show Details” link in the Itineraries page. This happens if CookiePie is installed at all, whether or not it is turned on for that site.

  28. Hello,

    I’ve been having an issue with CookiePie in Firefox 3. The option to enable CookiePie disappears from the right-click options menu and won’t reappear until disable and re-enable the extension.

    Any suggestions?



  29. i like to go in to about:config and change
    to 3, so the close tab button is on the right.

    after installing cookiepie, only the default value of 1 works. (close buttons on each tab)

  30. Excellent addon but unfortunately it doesn’t work if we install any other addon relating to “Tabs”. Can we have a fixed version which can work with other Tabs addons like Tab Mix Plus, as mentioned above by JorkC.


  31. Any chance this will be supported for Mac anytime soon?

  32. Is there anyway of using the pie with another plugin to extend sesssion time?

  33. So the extension doesn’t work anymore with FF3?

    Am I right?

    (At least as for me, it is so 🙁 )

  34. Anton it is possible that cookiepie did not update.

    Please remove and reinstall cookiepie it is compatible with Firefox 3

  35. I can confirm what the author seems to be in denial about.

    CookiePie does not work well with FF3!!!

    I am experiencing the same problems as everyone else. It installs OK and works OK the very first time after installation (ie: is visible on right click), but after restarting FF, CookePie no longer works (ie: is not visible on right click on tab).

    The only way to reactivate is to deactivate and reactivate, which is a real pain!!

    BTW – I’ve downloaded the latest version then run Update and the so called “Compatibility Update” got installed — but still no difference. And I’ve done this 6 or 7 times.

    CookiePie is a very necessary FF AddOn, but at present it’s not very useful or user friendly.

  36. I’m having similar problems to some of the other people, except I can’t even get it to install. It keeps saying there is an error. I’ve downloaded older versions of FF, uninstalled FF and reinstalled it, returned to a restore point, and nothing works. It worked fine prior to FF3, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix this or if cookiepie will have a newer version out soon or what’s going on.

  37. Do you installed cookiepie from our official site or did you use an alternative download?

  38. I always, always from the official web-site.

    For example – I just this minute Uninstalled CookiePie, Restarted FF, Downloaded/Installed CookiePie, Restarted FF, Opened a new Tab, Toggled on CookiePie, Fired up a Hotmail session, Opened a new Tab, Toggled on CookiePie, Fired up a Hotmail session — all works as expected (but see below). Then I exited all tabbed sessions in FF, closed FF, Started FF … and, as I keep saying, CookiePie is no longer right click selectable on any Tab.

    BTW – even with CookiePie fully active, the all new “LIve” version of Hotmail with the all new awful inbox interface (the worst by far that MSFT have ever forced on users since buying HoTMaiL all those years back — so long live Gmail) seems to be able to sense that the same PC is being use to access different Hotmail accounts concurrently.

    Over to you.

  39. Doesnt work with the Snaplinks extension, it just throws Firefox into a memory eating hole of death…. badly

  40. Works great for me! I’m having all sorts of trouble trying to read Webmail from behind a firewall. IE just falls down on the job. (When does it not?) I talked them into installing Firefox for me, but could only open one account at a time. Less than half an hour of Googling and clicking later, I’ve got 4 Webmail tabs open side-by-side, and I’m less productive than ever!


  41. Great addon!

    On facebook, though, I find that it doesn’t work quite right. First off, it interferes with adblock plus, so you have to disable adblock for to work (and if you don’t use adblock on Facebook, where do you use it?)

    Second, I find that it tells me “You need cookies enabled” when I turn on Cookie Pie, or if I manage to do it on one account Ok, then it tells me every time I click that the session has timed out.

  42. In Add-ons: “Not compatible with Firefox 3.5”

    Any workaround or update planned?

  43. Yes, we need an updated version for 3.5. Booyah!

  44. Please make a compatible version for firefox 3.5

  45. Looking forward to a compatable version for firefox 3.5
    Thank you in advance!


  47. what happen? i can’t download it, says 404 error
    what about ff 3.5 compatible version?

  48. I agree: thanks a lot for the plugin so far! And: a version for 3.5 would be GREAT 🙂

  49. Yeah! Someone has to do something about 3.5. Booyah

  50. I am Unable to install the cookiepie.
    I tried it out with many time and with many links.During installation a error comes
    Please help me out.

  51. I am using firefox 3.0.10. can cookiepie can be installed in this version

  52. Firefox 3.5 compatible version please! : )

  53. ^ agrees with Brian…3.5 won’t let you install. This would be, really, the death of IE on my computer. As I would really have no reason to keep it after this…

  54. Please, repair this soft for Firefox 3.5 or highter.

  55. Another 3.5 request.
    Great software.
    Cheers from Michigan.

  56. Installed the version 1.0.4, but it is signing out of cookiepie’d GMail immediately after signing in. Please help!!

  57. Starting last week, If I turn on cookiepie, cannot access facebook from firefox. Facebook kept on asking for user id and login. Upgrading to 1.0.4 does not help.

    Any idea?

  58. Max, i do have the same problem.
    Maybe Facebook blocked it 🙂

  59. I’m currently using CookiePie 1.04 with Firefox 3.5.2, and the opened tab from the CookiePie-enabled tab don’t have CookiePie-enabled. Hope someone will fix this 🙂

  60. hi guys when are you going to create new version?mozilla with 1.04 constantly asking enter password in yahoo mail.please fix it.

  61. Hi dude! It does not work with FF 3.6. What is up with that?

  62. Yes, doesn’t wor with 3.6.

    And I have some “bugs”:
    1. When whe change the position TAB addon stops working.

    2. Sometimes the data entered into forms are not sent, but I can not determine exactly when this happens, the only solution is starting browser and use addon again.

  63. please make new version, 1.04 doesn’t work with firefox 3.6


    Greetings from Greece

  64. It does not work with FF 3.6. What are we going to do?

  65. Bob is here. Folks! this cookie is no good for FF 3.6. Can someone do something? Thanks!

  66. Folks! we have to do something to fix this pos. Thanks!

  67. Folks…. I found a way to get around it. Booyah

  68. Bob, care to share???

  69. can you please provide such kind of functionality to IE browser

  70. Would have been nice of Bob to share. He was willing to ask for help and wait to get it but not willing to share once he found a solution. Whats up with that?

  71. Por favor actualicen la versión de Cookiepie, no funciona bien en el nuevo FF.

    Es demasiado útil esta extensión como para perderla.


  72. This could be one of the most popular addons ever, but I know many users (including myself) that will not install addons that are not on the official Mozilla website.

    So… why is this not on the official Mozilla website???

  73. Why i can not find it on mozilla add-ons directry?

  74. Why is this not on the offical Mozilla add-ons site?

  75. It does unfortunately not work if there is a redirect after a cookie is set. rdirects after login to

    But the cookie (for is not available from

  76. Works like charm, on FF 3.6, Vista. Guys a huge thumb up!
    You have no idea how helpful it is for me!

  77. I have a question for devs or users.

    CookiePie work good, but I have some problem. When I was in the page and use AJAX (to get another page on the same domain) I get empty page (because cookie was deleted and I get start page – loged out).

    Any solution? I know I can go normal to the page, but AJAX is more comfortable.

    For developers. You write:

    Cookies inheritance checkbox: If a user opens a new tab/window from a CookiePie tab, the new opened tab can inherit the cookie container.

    I think that is a problem, are you developing the project further, it will be implemented?

  78. Thanks for this plugin..
    firstly I log on my 1st FB account, next I open new tab, and activate cookiepie, then log on my 2nd FB account…
    unfortunately, I don’t have full access to give comment on the 2nd account….
    what should I do..?
    thanks for your response

  79. I am trying it in FF 3.6.13, and each time I log on to my 2nd yahoo account, it asks for my password. I enter it, and it shows me my folders. When I click on a folder to open it, or try to compose an email, it asks again for my password. Every time!

  80. I just tried this with YouTube and unfortunately it does not work. Would love a similar eature for managing multiple YouTube accounts. Anyone? 😉

    Thanks for the extensions anyway it’s a great idea!

  81. Folks! Bob is back. This does not work with FF 4. What are we going to do?

  82. Folks! Bob is here. It is not working with FF4. What are we going to do, folks?

  83. Bob just tried it with FF4 and it still did not work. Bob is very upset right now. Folks! we have to do something about this.

  84. Marche pas avec Firefox 4.0, sa m’énerve et pas moyen de trouver un équivalent de cookies pie !!!

  85. This is unacceptable. Bob is very upset about this. It does not work with FF4. What are we going to do, folks??

  86. Folks! Bob is back again. There is no progress on this still. Bob is very upset about it. What are we going to do, folks??

  87. it is not working on FF5.0 also

  88. Yes! Bob can confirm that it does not work for FF 5.0! What a shame! CookiePie is coming to end.

  89. Commit it to official firefox addon directory !
    It is a guarantee of quality.

  90. I’m using FF 3.6.17 , and cookiepie is great working. But I can’t clear cookies each tab. Where cookiepie save the cookies. How to delete all cookies in multiple tab with cookiepie ?

  91. Will you be releasing a version that works with Firefox 8?
    If yes, when it will be released?

  92. Please add to your page for CookiePie on what versions it supports for Firefox.
    Would love to see this move forward to support FF 4+

  93. Folks! I have to declare that developers for this CookiePie are done for good. They are gone!!!

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