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Nektra: Custom Software Development Company

Why Us?

Nektra provides a family of custom application integration APIs, offers a group of operating system hooking and monitoring products, and has a team of highly skilled professionals. Nektra’s engineers will use their technical expertise to successfully implement your solutions and maximize the value of your investment.

We are hired by large consultant companies and they sell our work just adding their earnings. Contracting us directly, you will get the best quality paying much less. We are not a low cost outsource company, we offer the best price for a high quality solution.

Nektra’s core strength is to think outside the box, come up with creative solutions to apparently impossible problems, and keep things simple. You can read some case studies here.

What We Offer

Unrivaled Windows Technical Expertise

Our knowledge can be easily verified with our advanced interception products Deviare and SpyStudio, the content of our Blog, and the more specialized Data Big Bang Blog. We have developed our interception products to improve our services’ value and increase our team’s productivity. 

Quick Responders

We understand the hurry of technology implementations and software development. Our team can efficiently integrate with yours to reach your objectives.

Customizable Solutions

Many businesses have unique software requirements and that is not always possible to find suitable software on the market. We can show you all the available options to get what you need done in the easiest way possible.

Security Experts

Nektra’s founders come from the software security industry, and the whole team is familiar with security threats and how to write secure code. A good many companies sell code lines as if they were fast food. We believe that we have to be proud of the code we write.

Nektra Featured Articles

Here is a list of blog entries related to our services, showcasing some of the skills of Nektra Advanced Computing:

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