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Nektra Products

Deviare API Hook

Open-source hooking engine. Instruments Win32 functions, COM objects, & PDBs. Trusted by Several companies in the Fortune 500 for security, virtualization, & more.

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Deviare In-Process

Dual-license code interception engine for Windows®. Core of Deviare 2.0. C++ library intercepts Win32 functions safely, supports 32/64 bit apps. Provides safe multi-threaded API hooking.

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Trace, compare, troubleshoot apps effortlessly. View registry, files, COM objects, errors. Simplify virtualization packaging. Compatible with Procmon logs. User-friendly .NET troubleshooting

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RemoteBridge by Nektra allows examination and modification of COM and Java objects. No app modification needed. Compatible with various languages.

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Nektra creates products that will assist your company on issues that can take a long Research & Development time to find solutions, reducing the cost of delivering products that demand a low-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows® internals or other Microsoft® products.

Other Nektra Products

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