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OEAPI v2.3

New release of Outlook Express API

We are proud to announce our new release of Nektra’s Outlook Express API.

OEAPI is the first and unique Outlook Express API with all the functionality for adding your own toolbars, buttons, completely manage message storage, message selection and receive events. While a few other companies are giving a solution for adding toolbars and a few set of operations on messages, we give a full API for professional software development.

OEAPI goes beyond IStoreFolder and IStoreNamespace standard interfaces and enables you to develop addins for Outlook Express like: antispam, antiphishing, antivirus, integration of your company software with an email software built in Windows.

Resources for the developer:

  • OEAPI trials here
  • Detailed description of interfaces provided are in the OEAPI documentation
  • Community OEAPI Group
  • IStoreFolder and IStoreNamespace sample with source code in this zipped file.
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