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Keyword Exchange Market

KEM (Keyword Exchange Market)Seeing impressive energy and room for improvement in the keyword advertising technology arena we ask ourselves when can we see something new.Our main idea is to have a Keyword Exchange Market like the ones in Stock exchange, Foreign exchange, Futures exchange.What are the real advantages of it?

  • You can contract with AdWords (from Google) and see your banners in the Overture network (i.e: Yahoo, MSN), whilst transactions between AdWords and Overture are being negotiated in the background.
  • If you like to implement your own mail service and want to receive ads revenue, you can do some analytics/text mining yourself and then sell keywords in the KEM to appear while the user reads his mail.
  • Build your own keyword server and integrate it on the KEM. Competing with the big players.

Main threat obviously is the Click Fraud and other kinds of attacks, but we hope to see research in the Economics Faculties about KEM soon.There are incredible possibilities with this kind of free market.

  1. What is the role of trademark here?
    The keyword “IBM”, in KEM, belongs to IBM Corp.? Or some other company, i.e. Sun, will could buy the “IBM” keys quotes?

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