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Next moves: SpyStudio, Deviare, OEAPI for Vista, NKT WAB LGPL

As you may already know, Nektra core skills & knowledge can be briefly summarized in system internals & problem solving, innovation and creativity. We were working hard to introduce new products in the market and it’s very stimulating when you receive “Wows!” from people who can appreciate the complex stuff we have made.

Our next play is Spy Studio, Deviare, OEAPI for Vista & NKTWAB license change to LGPL:

Spy Studio is a new tool for hooking microsoft windows applications, it has an intuitive interface and you don’t need to be an expert in assembler or reverse engineering to insert hooks into different API’s or DLL’s. It has many interesting applications like seeing what your software is doing internally, and from the business perspective it’s very useful for monitoring, isolating processes access to some API or DLL, debugging, litigation & software forensics, support, software engineering blackbox testing, etc. You can download it now from here. We would be very glad to receive you comments in our forums

Deviare is the component to do your own applications and the framework used to develop Spy Studio. You can do your own hooking application with it, and extends Spy Studio’s possibilities to your own requirements, for example your own api monitors, administration tools, themes/skins/gui (i.e: scrollbar issues), posture agents, intrusion detection at the application level, etc.

OEAPI has been growing and now supports Vista’s Windows Mail in addition to Outlook Express. We are currently at the version 3.1.2 and 3.2.0 will be released very soon. OEAPI has really improved in demos, documentation, performance and capabilities. There is an updated list at What’s new section.

NKT WAB is now LGPL and it shows how to implement features not available or documented in the microsoft windows api. This component is useful for accessing the WAB (Windows Address Book), creating groups & folders and now supports Vista’s contacts too.

There is new stuff coming, but the most important thing is that our customers continue expressing their Wows!

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