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RemoteBridge Is Now Open Source: Inspect and Control Java and COM Objects Remotely in Windows

RemoteBridge is now open source and available on GitHub as are Deviare Hooking Engine and Deviare-InProc. RemoteBridge allows you to access the COM and Java objects instanced in a process as if they were your own object instances. You can access their methods, properties and events from your own application. It is implemented as a COM itself so you can use it in almost every programming and scripting language in Windows, including .NET languages. RemoteBridge is handy If you want to modify the behavior of a closed Windows-based application: you can even access hidden COM instances and Java objects.

Legacy Integration and Workflow Automation

RemoteBridge enables you to modernize Windows legacy applications so they interact with web and mobile applications. You can also use RemoteBridge to extend the functionality of closed-source applications. Finally, RemoteBridge helps you add COM and Java applications to your automated workflow.

RemoteBridge Internals

To interact with a COM object, RemoteBridge initially hooks common COM object creation APIs like CoCreateInstance. Your applications receives a marshallable reference for every COM object so you can access the object’s methods and properties directly.

If the target application is running Java, RemoteBridge attaches itself to the Java Virtual Machine. Objects are gathered using standard Java Native Interface methods and a COM object wrapper is created. This wrapper allows your application to call methods and get/set properties of the wrapped java object.

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