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Windows Live Mail Plugin API v1.0.1 Released

Nektra has released the new WLMailApi v1.0.1, which allows developers to create custom Windows Live Mail plug-ins.

Nektra Advanced Computing is glad to announce the release of the new WLMailApi version 1.0.1 which you can request a download by clicking here. This new version of WLMailApi left the Beta stage and is now an official RTM version.

Creating addons or plugins for Windows Live Mail Desktop® demands a deep knowledge of its internal behavior. Its Application Programming Interface (API) is undocumented and there is not a SDK available. Even the public interfaces IStoreNamespace and IStoreFolder supported in both Outlook Express® and Windows Mail® are not present in this new email client.

Windows 7® will not include Outlook Express or Windows Mail; its users will be forced to move to Windows Live Mail. Your product can be one of the first that plugs in!!!

Contact us to ask any commercial question or use our forum for technical inquiries.

This is the change log from previous version:

* Exiting from the system tray icon’s context menu crashed WLMail
* A stack overflow was produced when many database notifications were triggered
* There was a memory leak when handling database events
* C# DLL Demo solution made WLMail freeze after the evaluation expiration message when it was executed in Debug mode
* First events could get lost at startup before the first folder/message selection change event
* WLMailApi::GetCurrentMessageID() always returned -1 at startup until message selection was changed
* WLMailApi::GetCurrentMessageID() and NktWLMailApi::GetFirstSelectedMessageID() responses were not updated after current/selected message was deleted
* The WLMailApiEvents::OnDatabaseChange NKT_TR_INSERT_MESSAGE case was not triggered when messages were inserted in the Deleted Items folder
* Message.Delete(0) did not work when the message was in the Deleted Items folder
* WLMailApiEvents::OnCurrentMessageChanged event was not triggered if the current message was changed by selecting another message using “Ctrl + Click”
* When an unread message was selected in WLMail and was automatically marked as read, two WLMailApiEvents::OnDatabaseChange events (first NKT_TR_UNREAD_MESSAGE and then NKT_TR_READ_MESSAGE) were triggered instead of just one (NKT_TR_READ_MESSAGE)
* ToolbarButton::SetName and SetTooltip did not work if were called after the button was created
* Message::SaveAsFile() output file was corrupt if Message::GetHeader() was previously called
* Improved and corrected C++ and C# DLL Demos
* The solutions of the package now require Visual Studio 2008

The Nektra staff wishes you all a happy new year!

Best regards,

Nektra’s WLMailApi Team

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  2. These programs worked flawlessly. thanks a ton!

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