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Windows Live Mail Plugin API

Windows Live Mail API

Nektra announces the release of the first version of WLMailApi, a new software SDK designed to develop plugins in Windows Live Mail Desktop email client.

Main features included in this version:

  • Create toolbars and buttons.
  • Create toolbars and buttons in message windows (Compose / Reply / Forward / Message detail).
  • Access and modify folders and messages.
  • Event notifying selected folder and message/s.
  • Event notifying changes in local folders.
  • Demo application and dll plugin developed in C# with source code.

Request trial version here!


Some changes were introduced to OEAPI license for WLMailApi. Now, it is necessary to purchase a license for each developer that will use the library or by each product that will be developed using the library, taking into account whichever number is greater.

For more details visit license page.

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