Windows Live Mail API for 2009, 2011 and 2012

Extend Windows Live Mail with Plugins using the most popular API that supports 2011 and legacy 2009 Windows Live Mail versions.

Nektra has developed the new WLMailApi product, which allows developers to create custom Windows Live Mail plugins.

Used by the Top Security Vendors

We are pleased to have customers that are the Leaders in the Quadrant of Gartner's Endpoint Protection Platforms.

You can read the full report on the Symantec Endpoint Security's page.

Most of our enterprise customers have a special branch of the WLMailApi that specially fits to their needs. This warranties them better performance and dedicated support.

WLMailApi enables your software to reach million of users worlwide with Windows Live Essentials® installed.

Creating addons for Live Mail Desktop® demands a deep knowledge of it's internal behaviour. It's Application Programming Interface (API) is undocumented and there is not a SDK available. Even the public interfaces IStoreNamespace and IStoreFolder supported in both Outlook Express® and Windows Mail® are not present in this new email client.

Windows 7® doesn't include Outlook Express nor Windows Mail, it's users will be forced to move to Windows Live Mail. Your product can be one of the first plugins for it!

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  • We have released a RTM version on January of 2010.

Customize Windows Live Mail

  • Create toolbars
  • Create buttons
  • Access to the storage
  • Get selected folder / message
  • Get storage notifications
  • A lot more!

Plugin Development Service

We have developed a large number of different plug-ins and created a variety of products in this complex scenario.

Our OEAPI product is the library to build plugins for Outlook Express® and Windows Mail® that leading companies use.

Our deep knowledge of undocumented functions in Windows Live Mail® reduces the risk of your project.

We can provide a custom library with the desired features to interact with other components written in any language.

For those who need a more specialized solution we offer our addon development services.

Some of the companies that have chosen our services include:

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