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Nektra and VMware are Collaborating to Simplify Application Virtualization Packaging

Nektra’s SpyStudio provides tools allowing for application harvesting and simplified packaging for the VMware ThinApp offering

Nektra’s Application Packaging Services and VMware, Inc. have been collaborating to significantly improve the process of creating and troubleshooting VMware ThinApp application virtualization packages with the SpyStudio application. The video below shows the SpyStudio new ability to harvest applications directly from the operating system to create VMware ThinApp packages even for applications where customers no longer have the installer media. The new SpyStudio release can be downloaded free from A fully featured version requires a license.

As companies embrace application virtualization, packaging and troubleshooting in some cases has proven difficult and resource intensive. SpyStudio offers a means to quickly compare application operations to help pinpoint and solve challenging packaging tasks.

The application virtualization market will continue to grow in the next years. Hence, it is critical to be able to make the virtualization process less error prone. Leveraging SpyStudio, a unique and advanced tool will prove to be an essential part of the growth of application virtualization and successful customer implementations.

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