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Benchmarking IE6 Virtualization: VMware ThinApp vs. Symantec Workspace Virtualization


Our Application Packaging Services team wanted to measure the performance of different virtualization products. Below we use SpyStudio to compare ThinApp and Workspace Virtualization performance. Both Symantec and VMware highlight the use of application virtualization to run legacy web applications. There is a huge number of mission critical web applications that only run correctly on Internet Explorer 6 and while companies may be able to afford the cost of migrating applications to modern browsers, they cannot afford even a short application interruption. Virtualization allows companies to continue to run their legacy applications while moving to more modern technology.

The challenges of virtualizing IE6 are not limited to rendering HTML: Java applets, ActiveX, and Flash must also be virtualized. This benchmark compares how long it takes to: launch Internet Explorer 6, launch IE6 and navigate to Nektra’s blog, and open Internet options. We ran each test ten times. SpyStudio can also be used to benchmark specific bottlenecks in plugins and components and to identify compatibility issues.


Launch IE6

Symantec Workspace VirtualizationVMWare ThinApp
Min1.5730167 secs2.217207 secs
Max1.800602 secs2.5048638 secs
Avg1.681593789 secs2.360678356 secs
Median1.6773198 secs2.3479585 secs
SD0.076693291 secs0.104027481 secs

Launch IE6 and Navigate to

Symantec Workspace VirtualizationVMWare ThinApp
Min7.0385753 secs9.0458817 secs
Max7.3155127 secs
10.1313509 secs
Avg7.152178211 secs
9.4426123 secs
Median7.1880917 secs9.3928642 secs
SD0.098509252 secs0.293977928 secs

Open Internet Options

Symantec Workspace VirtualizationVMWare ThinApp
Min1.8866595 secs2.5610158 secs
Max2.215396 secs2.9904516 secs
Avg2.025388122 secs2.767548167 secs
Median2.0197439 secs2.7876525 secs
SD0.101490761 secs0.152657664 secs


These benchmark results show that Symantec Workspace Virtualization is faster in all three tests.

Symantec Workspace Virtualization was an average of 71 % faster when launching IE6, 75 % faster when launching IE6 and opening Nektra’s blog, and 73 % faster when launching IE6 and opening Internet options.

You can easily benchmark these and other virtualization products yourself with SpyStudio. Download a free trial here.

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