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Application Virtualization Testing and Troubleshooting with SpyStudio and Deviare

In Spy Studio: Solving an Issue on IE6 we troubleshot an issue that happens while virtualizing an Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) layer for Japanese using Symantec Workspace Virtualization. IE6 worked when IE8 was installed as the base operating system but not when the base was IE9. In the following screenshot we show how Spy Studio’s trace compare function analyzes the difference between running IE6 with the IE8 and with the IE9 base on the Windows 7 operating system.

As you can see, this user interface is much more informative than comparing a long list of line-oriented logs.

Imagine that an App-V Package does not work as expected. Can it be solved with the App-V Sequencer alone or do you need more advanced tools? Or what if the IT department tries to simplify the process of application virtualization with VMware ThinApp Factory, while the virtualization team tries to pinpoint an issue with Process Monitor? Comparing long logs is tedious and error prone. How can testing and troubleshooting be improved? These common issues extend to all application virtualization products, including: Symantec’s Workspace Virtualization, Spoon, and Cameyo.

Spy Studio and Deviare can both be used to troubleshoot virtualization. Spy Studio’s graphic console allows you to record application behavior and compare different runs in different environments. You can compare the differences between running a fully virtualized application and running it in a physical environment. Spy Studio complements Process Monitor, and can also import Process Monitor’s logs for comparison. In Comparing Traces with Spy Studio we provide a step by step example of how to compare traces.

Deviare is a more advanced tool which enables application virtualization professionals and QA engineers to build their own custom troubleshooting software.

If you are interested in learning how to develop and customize your own registry monitor visualization tool please take a look at Instrumenting Instrumenting Binary Applications with VBScript and Deviare.


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