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Nektra has released the new WLMailApi v1.0.2 – Windows Live Mail API Plugin Development

Nektra has released the new WLMailApi v1.0.2

Nektra has released the new WLMailApi v1.0.2, which has many more features & functions, this allows developers to create custom Windows Live Mail plug-ins.

Nektra Advanced Computing is glad to announce the release of the new WLMailApi version 1.0.2 which you can request a download by clicking here. This new version is an update of the official WLMailApi RTM version which has been released over 6 months ago.

Creating addons or plugins for Windows Live Mail Desktop® demands a deep knowledge of its internal behavior, it does not have any public Application Programming Interface.

Windows Live Mail is the desktop email client promoted by Microsoft for Windows XP®, Windows Vista® and Windows 7® as part of the Windows Live Essentials free software.

Contact us to ask any commercial question or use our forum for technical inquiries. For information about pricing or special demos please call 1-(310)237-6506.

The changes for this version are:

* Fixed: Memory leak when moving or deleting many messages left wlmail.exe process running after closing it
* Fixed: WLMail crashed when having an IMAP account
* Fixed: Getting a Toolbar object during the WLMailApiEvents::OnFolderSelectionChange event freezed WLMail
* Fixed the way WLMailApiAgent hooks the WLMail.exe process to avoid WLMailApiLoader.dll to be loaded in every process
* Implemented WLMailApiEvents::OnNewMessageInOutbox event that allows to modify and commit outgoing messages
* Implemented IWLMailApiEvents::OnSendButtonMsgWndClicked which is triggered when a new message window is set to be sent
* Implemented MsgWnd::GetTo(), GetCc(), GetBcc(), GetSubject(), SetTo(), SetCc(), SetBcc() and SetSubject()
* Added IMailAccountManager and IMailAccount interfaces to get the Default Account
* Implemented FolderManager::GetInboxFolder(), GetDraftFolder(), GetSentFolder(), GetJunkFolder(), GetDeletedFolder() for the Default Account
* Implemented Folder::IsInbox(), IsDraft(), IsSent(), IsJunk(), IsDeleted() functions for Default Account special folders
* Implemented FolderManager::GetOutboxFolder() and Folder::IsOutbox functions
* Added Unicode support to main API functions:
IFolderManager::CreateFolder() and RenameFolder()
IFolder::GetName(), Rename(), CreateFolder() and CreateMessage()
IMessage::GetSubject(), GetAllBody(), GetBody(), GetBodyText(), GetBodyDisplayName(), GetFilename() and SaveAsFile()
IMessage: For GetBodyProp() and SetBodyProp() functions, the message must be already encoded in Unicode

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