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Nektra Panorama: Windows Mobile Development Toolkit

We are glad to announce our first demo version of our new product Nektra Panorama. This toolkit allows developers to build applications in WM using controls built over the native API.

Nektra Panorama expands the platform with a fast-response user-experience and a very simple programming interface.

The grid view control is versatile, it can be filled with almost any thing. Here you can find a screenshot:

blank panorama-gridview

For a bigger example of the possibilities you can take a look our Nektra Contact Manager


A high point of Nektra Panorama is the powerful transition interface. Using a single OS window for the entire application let developers create smooth transitions. Here you can see a ‘move’ transition to switch between menu window and Animation window in Nektra Panorama demo

blank panorama-transition

The code to write this transition:

NktTransition* actionNew = new NktMoveToTransition(final, 600);

NktTransition* actionCurrent = new NktMoveToTransition(finalCurrent, 600);







In this transition the origNew contains a rectangle out of the screen on the right. The rectangle finalCurrent is out of the screen on the left side. This code moves the control ‘_current’ out to the left and the control ‘wnd’ to enter the screen from the right side.

You can see a complete description of your product here

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