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A comparison of Deviare and EasyHook

We are comparing our hooking engine Deviare with some of the other products available, so that you can get an idea of what each engine can provide.
Here is a comparison of Deviare against Easy Hook.

Functionality Deviare EasyHook
Database with Functions and Data Types Yes No
Intercept multiple functions with a single handler Yes No
Selective Handler for each Function Yes Yes
Relocation of Relative ASM Instructions (RIP) Yes No
Save & access Call Function Context Yes No
Access registers & flags Yes No
Access return address Yes Yes
Get/Set win32 last error Yes Yes
Monitor COM Objects creations Yes Partially
Hook COM Objects Yes No
Provides COM Interfaces accessible from any language Yes No
Enumerate process’ modules Yes Yes
Enumerate module’s exported functions Yes No
Get module path and info Yes Yes
Automated call of original function Yes No
Thread Deadlock Block Yes Yes
64 bits support No Yes
Thread Safe Hook Install Yes No
Native Support Yes Partially
Inter-Process Communication Yes Partially
Custom Library Injection Yes Yes
Stealth Support No Yes
Kernel Mode Hook No Yes
Driver Installation No Yes
Relocation of Instruction Pointer Yes No
Requires .Net Framework No Yes
Use System Runtimes (CRT) Yes No
Hook Terminal Sessions No Yes
Full unload before target termination. Yes No
Execute As Service No Yes
Prevent execution inside OS Loader No Yes
Thread selection filter No Yes
StackTrace Yes Yes
User-mode Wide Hook Yes No
  1. I believed to know about hooking code until reading this functionality table. Where can I learn more about each of the listed features?

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