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MSN Messenger Live Plugin Development Article Published

We have published an extensive article about Live Messenger applied research in the field of plugin development, entitled “Windows Live Messenger Plugin Development Bible” at the CodeProject website.

The article carefully explains several reversing and  hooking techniques to extend the application functionality:

  • Proxy DLL implementation
  • API hooking through our Trappola library
  • Applied window subclassing to add ‘skinned’ window classes
  • Runtime resource addition and modification (i.e. toolbar buttons and bitmaps)
  • Contact information through Live Messenger COM Interface
  • Contact selection interception with Active Accessibility COM objects

Although focused at Windows Live Messenger, the article is useful for anyone interested on the topic of  reversing for extending applications, querying internals or implementation of interoperability solutions on the Windows platform.

The code is available in both in binary and source format and is released under the GNU General Public License.

Download binary DLLs – 123.47 Kb

Download source code (VS 2005 Solution) – 241.36 Kb

Enjoy it and tell us what you think about it.

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  1. the wlmplugindll.dll can not be loaded into WLM8.1 addon. error number : 80131018
    my OS is windows vista , any ideal what is the problem?

  2. Try with WLM 8.5, i’m pretty sure that WLM 8.1 needs changes regarding resource locations. That’s explained on the article.

  3. How can this method be adapted to WLM 2009? (seems to be somewhat different)

  4. This method should be changed a bit to make it work in new versions. We are planning to build an API to do it.

  5. I only want to modifying the Windows Live Messenger menu bar and add a ID but the method does not work.How do I do?

  6. The Windows Live Messenger is the latest version.

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