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GoogleToolbar PageRank requests

Using our API hooker SpyStudio I wrote a script to intercept http requests done using wininet.dll API coming from a specific module of a process. The script keeps request information (server and url) to display in next calls and let filter requests to a specific server. Its name is and can found in SpyStudio v1.0.1 distribution.

httpReport navigates the stack in each call to wininet.dll functions to see what module called the hooked function, filtering all modules except the specified. This feature and server name filtering, allow a fine interception.

To use the script keep only one instance of iexplore.exe (the script will only hook the first instance if there are more than one) and type these lines in SpyStudio python console:

import httpReport
httpReport.startIe(‘toolbarqueries’, [‘googletoolbar2.dll’])

The script will display queries done to a server that contains the string ‘toolbarqueries’ coming from module ‘googletoolbar2.dll’.

For example, if TechCrunch page is inserted in the address bar we get a wininet.dll!InternetConnectA call to ‘’ server and then a GET request to this url:


There are some parameters that need more research to be understood but there are some others we can tell something:

googleip: indicates Google server used for the query

ie: iexplore encoding?

oe: maybe Outlook Express encoding?, only a bad guess

features: what we are asking to the server (here ‘Rank’)

q: encoded url (http%3a%2f%2fwww%2etechcrunch%2ecom%2f =

ch: it looks as a function to the url to prevent other client to do the same requests

Then, wininet.dll!InternetReadFile return the http response (to see it enable the option ‘Show Params on Return’ in Preferences):


that indicates that the page visiting has PageRank 8.

This process is repeated for every page you visit so Google can collect all the pages browsed by all the users using GoogleToolbar. That’s why it may be considered as a spyware.

  1. ie = input encoding, oe = output encoding, see SOAP API for documentation

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