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SpyStudio 1.0.0b released!

Introduction to SpyStudio:

SpyStudio is a powerful application that simplifies the code execution interception operations, also called “hooking”. Users can now easily monitor and gain control over processes in their systems, to really know what is happening in the Operating System and it’s applications.

With SpyStudio you can monitor and intercept API calls at any time, change its parameters, and resume execution.

SpyStudio uses the Deviare API technology to intercept functions’ calls, this allows the user to monitor and hook applications in real time.
Deviare is a very complex technology, that can be used through the most simple interfaces.

This useful application provides the ability to break process execution and inspect the function’s parameters at any level, and even change its values.

Here is a screenshot of the main window of SpyStudio v1.0.0b, with the new Python console:

SpyStudio v1.0.0b Main Window

Latest improvements on the 1.0.0b version:

  • New Python tabbed console allows to handle hooks!
  • Python scripts can be loaded from files.
  • An initial Python script can be executed on every tab opened.
  • New Deviare Database Editor allows to expand the modules and functions database!
  • Breakpoint params browser: The return value and the error code are now editable
  • Now SpyStudio can run with SeDebugPrivilege enabled or disabled.
  • Processes monitoring options are now combinable.
  • Select all (Ctrl + A) and Copy (Ctrl + C) options are now available for the output window.
  • ‘Filters’ concept changed to ‘Actions’.
  • Database expanded: wininet.dll added and winternl.h functions of ntdll.dll added.
  • Fixed: Changing a parameter on the params browser made SpyStudio to crash.
  • Fixed: Trying to hook a function that was not in the database made SpyStudio to crash when closing.
  • Fixed: Changing the ‘Default hook mode’ option was not reflected on the output.

We are glad about how SpyStudio is evolving and we expect users’ reports, comments and suggestions to keep it growing!

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