WLMailAPI Features

WLMailAPI supports Windows Live Mail® running on Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7®.

Customers that purchase the WLMailAPI with Source Code can support 64 bits versions of XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Newsgroups (NNTP), IMAP and Hotmail folders are not supported.

Customize Windows Live Mail

  • Create toolbars
  • Create buttons
  • Access to the storage
  • Get selected folder / message
  • Get storage notifications
  • A lot more!
  • All the functionality is implemented in COM objects.

  • An DLL Demo Application written in C++ is included in the package.

  • A DLL Demo Application written in C# is included in the package.

  • WLMailAPI DLL Plugins run inside Windows Live Mail address space.

User Interface

  • Add your own toolbars and buttons Windows Live Mail main window.
  • Add tooltips to your buttons.
  • Multi toolbars support. Create more than one toolbar from your plugin.
  • Enable / Disable / Show / Hide your toolbar's buttons.
  • Handle the click events of your buttons.


  • Browse all the Windows Live Mail folders.
  • Create / Rename / Move / Delete folders.
  • Handle the Folder Created / Renamed / Moved / Deleted events.
  • Handle folder selection change event.


  • Browse messages in a folder.
  • Get Header / Body / Source.
  • Get Message State / Priority / Display From / Subject.
  • Basic MIME Support: Browse, modify, insert and remove bodies.
  • Attachments API: List / Save to disk / Add / Remove.
  • Change any message properties. (Some visible properties changes, like 'Subject', 'To' and 'From', are reflected correctly in the preview pane and in the detail window, but they cannot be reflected in WLMail message list directly. To have them reflected correctly you need to clone the message first.)
  • Get / Set custom properties / headers.
  • Message Clone: Make an exact copy of a message. It can also be modified.
  • Delete / Create message.
  • Copy / Move messages.
  • Mark as Read / Unread.
  • Handle the Message Created / Deleted / Read / Unread events.
  • Handle message selection change event.

Messages / Folder Selection

  • Get Selected Message/s.
  • Get Selected Folder.


  • OnDatabaseChange:
  • Folder events: Inserted, Deleted, Renamed, Moved.
  • Message events: Inserted, Deleted, Read, Unread.
  • OnMessageSelectionChanged.
  • OnFolderSelectionChanged.

Outbox Filter

  • Modify messages before they are sent.

Message Window

(Compose, Reply, Reply All, Forward and Open Message windows)

  • Multi toolbars support. Create more than one toolbar from your plugin.
  • Enable / Disable / Show / Hide toolbar buttons.
  • Get / Set Subject.
  • Get / Set Cc.
  • Get / Set To.
  • Handle the button's click events.
  • Handle the 'Send' button click event.