Secure Code Generation

Nektra offers a SCG component and complete assessment for the generation of secure codes of variable length with cryptographic properties to use in a variety of fields, like:

  • M-Coupons for consumer focused marketing campaigns.
  • E-Coupons for product discounts.
  • Event tickets with verifiable security.
  • Authentication codes for service/prepaid cards.
  • Special businesses offerings.
  • PIN & TAN (Transaction Authentication Number) generation.
  • Obfuscation of internal codes.
  • Mobile Phone 1D & 2D Barcodes campaigns.
  • E-banking token authentication.
  • Firmware for devices like Digipass®.
  • Indispensable for scratchcard (e.g: a scratch off, scratch ticket, scratcher, scratchie, scratch-it, scratch game, scratch-and-win or instant game).

See the benefits of using our software at SCG's features page or reading the following summary:

  • Non-predictable and Non-deducible codes.
  • Variable length.
  • Numeric & Alphanumeric code generation.
  • Codes can be verified in real time without requiring massive storage of generated data.
  • Integration with most used programming languages: C/C++, .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby & Perl
  • Integration with e-commerce frameworks such as Microsoft Commerce Server