RemoteBridge Automation Engine for Java and COM

Nektra’s RemoteBridge allows you to both examine and modify just about any internal component object model (COM) instantiation or Java object used by an application.

RemoteBridge creates a bridge between your program and third party software. COM and Java objects are intercepted independently so you can view and modify their respective properties and call their methods remotely.

RemoteBridge’s main interface allows you to bind to the objects you need. COM objects are exposed natively while Java objects and wrapped in a special interface to facilitate access.

There is no need to modify the existing applications or have access to their source codes.

You can use RemoteBridge in any COM compatible language: C#, C++, Visual Basic, Ruby, Python, PowerShell and VBScript.

RemoteBridge’s key features:

  • Hooks COM and/or Java objects depending on the application's behavior.
  • Does NOT depend on Java Access Bridge nor any other extensions.
  • Adds new functionality to legacy software.
  • Automates repetitive tasks.
  • Modifies the internal behavior of applications
  • Provides simple access to private Java methods and properties.
  • Access hidden internal COM instances and Java objects not publicly exposed.
  • Injects custom code into Java applications.
  • Reports events raised by Java and COM objects.

Companies usually need to update many pieces. Modifying legacy applications can be next to impossible due to missing source code, high costs, compatibility issues, and operating system and programming language bugs.

RemoteBridge offers a way to control the original application without modifying it by allowing direct access to objects, and providing a simple interface.