OEAPI Features

OEAPI supports Outlook Express® 6 running on Windows® NT, 2000 and XP.

OEAPI is also a Windows Mail® API, it works with Windows® Vista's email client.

Customers that purchase the OEAPI Enterprise Edition with Source Code can support XP and Vista 64 bits.

Newsgroups (NNTP), IMAP and Hotmail folders are not supported.

OEAPI Enterprise Edition now works with Outlook Express' and Windows Mail's internal notifications to achieve a much faster performance!

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Standard Version

Enterprise Version


All the functionality is implemented in a COM object.    
A demo application written in Visual Basic is included in the package.    
A demo application written in Visual C++ is included in the package.    
A demo application written in C# is included in the package.    
A small demo application written in Dephi is included in the package.    
Plugin support as a dll that runs in OE/WM's same space. You will be able to run inside OE/WM.    
Basic Identity support.    

User Interface

Add buttons and sub-buttons to OE/WM's default main window's toolbar.    
Add your own toolbars, buttons and sub-buttons to OE/WM's main window.    
Add tooltips to your buttons.    
Multi toolbars support. Create more than one toolbar from your plugin.    
Your toolbars can be created with small or large buttons.    
Add toolbar separators.    
Multi-buttons support (Like the OE/WM's 'Create Mail' button).    
Enable / Disable / Show / Hide your toolbar's buttons.    
Add your own menus and sub-menus to OE/WM's main and message windows.    
Enable / Disable your menu items.    
Handle the click events of your buttons, sub-buttons and menu items.    


Browse all the folders of Outlook Express and Windows Mail.    
Rename / Move / Delete / Create a folder.    
Handle the OnNewMessage and OnMessageDeleted events in a folder.    
Handle the global event OnNewMessage when a message arrives.    
Handle general events: OnFolderCreated, OnFolderDeleted, OnFolderRenamed, OnFolderMoved, OnFolderUnreadChanged and OnFolderSelectionChanged.    


Browse messages in a folder.    
Get Header / Body / Source.    
Get Message State / Priority / Display From / Subject.    
Basic MIME Support: Browse, modify, insert and remove bodies.    
Attachment API: Add / List / Save to disk (Temove is provided in the Bodies API).    
Change any message properties. (Some visible properties changes, like 'Subject', 'To' and 'From', are reflected correctly in the preview panel and in the detail window, but they cannot be reflected in OE/WM's messages listview directly. To have them reflected correctly you need to clone the message first.)    
Get / Set custom properties / headers.    
Message Clone: Make an exact copy of a message. Changes to cloned message's visible properties are reflected correctly on OE/WM's messages list view.    
Delete / Create message.    
Mark as Read / Unread.    
Copy / Move messages.    
Send message.    

Messages / Folder Selection

Get / Set Selected Message/s.    
Get / Set Selected Folder.    


OnDatabaseChange, the fastest notification available for Database Transactions: New message, message deleted, message changed to read or unread, new folder and folder deleted.    
OnMessageDownloadStarted and OnMessageDownloadFinished, triggered when OE/WM synchronizes messages with server/s.    

Outbox Filter

Modify the messages before they are sent.    
Modify the text of the control where is displayed the current message.    

Message Window

(Compose, Reply, Reply All, Forward and Open Message windows)

Add buttons and subbuttons to OE/WM's default toolbar.    
Multi toolbars support. Create more than one toolbar from your plugin.    
Toolbars can have small or large buttons.    
Multi-buttons support (Like the 'Create Mail' button in OE/WM).    
Enable / Disable / Show / Hide toolbar buttons.    
Get / Set Subject.    
Get / Set Body.    
Get / Set Cc.    
Get / Set To.    
Press the 'Send' button.    
Send any key as a user input.    
Handle the button's click events.    
Handle the 'Send' button click event.    
Cancel the 'Send' process started by the user.