OEAPI Standard Edition - Freeware

OEAPI Enterprise Edition - Evaluation Version

Test all the functionality of the Enterprise Edition for 30 days using the included Demo projects:

  • Visual Basic (VB) EXE Demo (Without Visual Studio it requires this modules)
  • Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) DLL Demo
  • Visual C++ (VC++) EXE Demo
  • Visual C++ ATL DLL Demo
  • Visual C Sharp (C#) EXE Demo
  • Visual C Sharp (C#) DLL Demo
  • Delphi EXE Demo
  • Delphi DLL Demo

Just a few setup steps:

  • Install OEAPI (With OE / WM closed)
  • Run a Demo Application
  • Run Outlook Express® / Windows Mail®

For Windows® 2000, XP and Vista

  • OEAPI was originally developed for Outlook Express but is also a Windows Mail API, it supports Windows® Vista's email client.
  • To compile VC++ Demo Application you need to download and install an external library (See the included documentation).
  • To work with .NET take a look at OEAPI's .NET Guideline

OEAPI's Documentation

You can see a description of the ActiveX interfaces on the Product's Documentation.