Products Overview

Nektra creates products that will assist your company on issues that can take a long Research & Development time to find solutions, reducing the cost of delivering products that demand a low-level knowledge of Microsoft Windows® internals or other Microsoft® products.

Deviare API Hook

Deviare is a powerful Code Interception Library, with a very simple interface that lets you hook many processes on your own application without any IPC coding. It can be used in any COM supporting languages as C++, VB and .NET.

Deviare In-Process

Deviare In-Process is the best alternative to Microsoft Detours® but at a more convenient price.

SpyStudio API Monitor

SpyStudio is the most advanced API monitor, that allows you to break the Operating System's code execution, intercept and analyze any Win32 API call in real time.

Audio Recorder API

Capture microphone and audio output together in Skype, Msn and G-Talk.