Outlook Plugin Development

Since 2003, we have developed thousands of Outlook plugins for companies in more than 20 countries.

Nektra's product design service is an end to end software development solution, assuring you the quality of the final product. We can specially help you in defining requirements and features giving you the freedom to concentrate in your business.

Our extensive knowledge of Outlook allows us develop quality products faster and cheaper than other companies when you need an ordinary plugin built over Outlook API.

When your plugin needs a feature that is not available using Outlook API, we can go further and add to your product that 'special' feature that makes it unique in the market.

Areas where we have delivered solutions:

  • Integrating Outlook with company software and legacy systems.
  • Contacts management plugin to integrate in a social network.
  • Extracting business intelligence from your Outlook data.
  • Enhancing security.
  • Attachment and email encryption.
  • Secure file transfer side panel.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) customization.
  • Side and bottom panels.
  • Integrate Outlook tasks with OneNote.
You can see our blog articles that show some add-in samples and the solution of common problems: Integrating Dropbox with Microsoft Outlook, Sending Large Files in Outlook via Google Drive,Removing Active Content from Emails Sent via Outlook Forms
and Integrating Google Analytics into Your Company Loop. You can list the whole list of Outlook addin articles here.

Microsoft Office addins 

Our large experience developing Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote plugins makes us a prevered software development partner of software vendors looking for certain features difficult to implement with the ordinary Office plugin API.

We are able to go beyond these APIs and find solutions where other companies just say that the API doesn't let you do what you request.

In addition to this, we are developing Office 365 plugins (OWA). It is very important to integrate your software with this technology since its adoption is increasing fast and soon will be the new standard.

Web Browsers plugins

Browser extensions enable you to get more out of a website by pairing one of your products with those on the site. You can use browser extensions to automate a web browser for testing applications or for web scraping. Browser extensions can also be used to integrate your managed file transfer service with Gmail to send large files. Nektra Advanced Computing has been developing extensions on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Firefox since 2003. You can take a look at our specific articles for web related technologies such as Scraping Web Sites which Dynamically Load DataPrecise Scraping with Google ChromeIs Google Spying on You? How to Quickly Craft an Ad Hoc Security SandboxCookiepie for Firefox 3 released and How to customize the Internet Explorer WebBrowser context menu in C#.


Years of Office & Browser Development Experience:

After all these years of experience in Outlook plugin development we have gain a deep knowledge of the top 3rd party APIs, our own APIs and also Microsoft Outlook and Office API.

We were the first company developing a side panel also known as side bar. We have done this side bar for both Outlook and Outlook Express (using our OEAPI for this platform). Please see the screenshoot of this plugin that supports Outlook Express and Outlook.

In-house Development

Nektra Advanced Computing has a long standing policy when it comes to our work. We do not outsource any development work. We do everything in our office and it is exclusively created by people who work here at Nektra Advanced Computing.

Why do we have this "policy" you ask? The main business reason is being able to control the whole process. We need to be able to meet all deadlines and if we hand off a project or even piece of a project to an outside agency, then we lose control. We know if we have an emergency deadline, if the code is internal, we can easily get it done here. On the technology front, there are often quality control issues with the code. At least from what we have seen produced by some other companies. Time control and quality control are important reasons for why we don't outsource any development work. But those are not the only reasons. Please feel free to contact us if like more information.

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