Application Virtualization

Legacy applications built on outdated technology are spread across most enterprises. While these “old” applications are often still effective, they are costly to maintain and difficult to improve or migrate.
New operating systems do not support these applications and create a difficult migration, mainly in large organizations.

Application Virtualization products allow enterprise to package these applications. We specialize in going beyond and complementing traditional application virtualization products like Ceedo, InstallFree, Citrix XenApp, Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization, Endeavors Technologies Application Jukebox, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV), Symantec Workspace Streaming (SWS), Symantec Endpoint Virtualization (SEV) and VMware ThinApp.

Our Software Virtualization solution allows enterprises to repackage their applications and deploy them fast and smoothly. 

Application Packaging Services

Our engineering team can package almost any application. We have a wide experience migrating applications to a new platform where the application is not supported. In order to make them work in the new platform we have developed our instrumentation tool Deviare API Hook Engine and our monitoring product SpyStudio. These products give us the value to package applications fast and running with good performance.

We actually work for Symantec creating and maintaining their complex packages.

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