Custom Application Packaging Services

Nektra has a packaging team able to package even the most difficult applications. Our wide experience in App-V and some old technologies such as ThinApp or SWV give us the knowledge to package almost any application.

Now, App-V is shipped in Windows 10 so users expect that all App vendors should support App-V. We can help you to ship your application on App-V.

We have an excellent track record of solving critical virtualization issues. For example, our work for Symantec included virtualizing Internet Explorer 6 and 7 to work in Windows 7 and 8 on the Symantec Workspace Virtualization framework. In addition, unlike most virtualizations of Office, ours can be used with volume licenses which require Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS) interaction.

We charge a fixed fee for packaging, not an hourly rate, so you know your costs beforehand.

Why Choose Nektra?