User Mode API Hooking

Intercepting Windows APIs and COM objects can be very difficult. It takes experience to intercept the correct functions.

Nektra has been developing software which requires interception and hooking for many years. We have developed Deviare API Hook to speed up the process of researching which user-mode functions we need to intercept to fit the requirements of each project.

Avoiding AV (antivirus) warnings: bypassing antiviruses is a challenge and it is very important to know what they are looking for before designing any solution. We can suggest different ways to prevent AV warnings in your software.

Our Related Products

We use all available software for these tasks, including IDA and Windbg. However, when we the specific tool we need is unavailable, we design it..

  • SpyStudio: Monitor and troubleshoot applications.
  • Deviare API Hook: Hook engine which lets you intercept any APIs in Windows.

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