NodeJS Server with Bootstrap client

Sig3 startup wanted to develop a web application to automatically audit bitcoin wallet's transactions based on a group of user defined policies. Our team developed Sig3 site using NodeJS for the server side and, Bootstrap and ReactJS for the client. The web site must serve a large number of users, prevent denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and support easy migration and redundancy.

We developed the whole site including Bitcoin libraries customizations and we keep maintaining it.

REST API Loan Bank

Wayni wanted to implement a loan social network. They had web developers to implement the UI and they needed our help to develop a REST API to manage the bank part of the system. 

We've implemented a back end which is used by Wayni's server to securely manage cryptocurrentcy's transactions.

Java Server

A Data Loss Prevention vendor wanted to develop a Data Loss Prevention Solution. They had some development of the desktop part of the product, and a prototype of the web application used to administrate users and alerts.
We've implement the rest of the desktop solution and we had to modify a large part of the administration web application to support more features and to upgrade some UI controls. We keep maintaining it.