Add-Ons Development

Nektra develops custom add-ons for Microsoft Office, web browsers, and desktop email applications. Companies such as Cisco, WinZip, and PKWare rely on Nektra plugins to integrate some of their solutions.

Microsoft Office Applications 

New features can be added to Microsoft Office applications. Outlook can be used to send large attachments or synchronize contacts data with a custom CRM. You can see some featured add-in samples in the following blog posts: Integrating Dropbox with Microsoft Outlook, Sending Large Files in Outlook via Google Drive, and Integrating Google Analytics into Your Company Loop.

Desktop Email Clients

Desktop email clients such as Apple Mail, Windows 8 Mail, Outlook for Mac, and Windows Live Mail do not provide specific APIs for writing add-ons and this is where Nektra excels: we have been providing ways to extend these applications since 2003. Trend Micro Titanium Security Solutions, which are preinstalled in millions of PCs around the world relies on our products and services to integrate anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-phishing technologies.

Web Browsers

Browser extensions enable you to get more out of a website by pairing one of your products with those on the site. You can use browser extensions to automate a web browser for testing applications or for web scraping. Browser extensions can also be used to integrate your managed file transfer service with Gmail to send large files. Nektra Advanced Computing has been solving browser extensions challenges since 2003. You can take a look at our specific articles for web related technologies such as Scraping Web Sites which Dynamically Load Data and Precise Scraping with Google Chrome.