OEAPIINITCOM::IOEAPIInitState Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetOEAPIInitInitializedObjectsCount ([out, retval] long *)
HRESULT GetOEAPIInitObjectsCount ([out, retval] long *)
HRESULT ResetOEAPIInitInitializedObjectsCount ()

Member Function Documentation

HRESULT OEAPIINITCOM::IOEAPIInitState::GetOEAPIInitInitializedObjectsCount ( [out, retval] long *   ) 

Returns the number of OEAPIInit objects that finishes the OnOEAPIInit event.

HRESULT OEAPIINITCOM::IOEAPIInitState::GetOEAPIInitObjectsCount ( [out, retval] long *   ) 

Returns the number of OEAPIInit instances.

HRESULT OEAPIINITCOM::IOEAPIInitState::ResetOEAPIInitInitializedObjectsCount (  ) 

Resets the counter.

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