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Deploying OEAPI

Working with .NET guideline

About the demo applications:

Demo applications weren't made to test the OEAPI stability, it were written just to show the actual functionality of the library. The OEAPI is the result of long research and development made for several customers. Our knowledge allowed us to create the OEAPI joining all that work in some COM objects. We have achieved an important speed improvement of the library using a lot of information we have learned. For documentation of the methods use the object browser.

About VC++ demo application:

You need to install Comet library before compiling the demo in VC++ (http://www.lambdasoft.dk/comet/download.htm). The application is a full example of the library's features. Objects of the OEAPI library must be instanced when the library is active or you will run OE when CoCreateInstance is called. In the example if you create a toolbar when OE is not running, you will implicitlly run OE.

To use OEAPI from Delphi:


Local folders:


About OEAPI Source Code:

OEAPI source code can be bought from U$ 3,000. To compile OEAPI you need to download and install Comet library (http://www.lambdasoft.dk/comet/download.htm). If you get errors verify if you have already installed Microsoft SDK.

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